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The success of any project will only be as good as the personnel who are engaged to provide the services. It is for this reason that AMT provides only ideally suited locals from different origins.
On site there will be assigned management whose are main responsibilities are to ensure the daily compliance with all standards of service and to ensure financial control over the operation.

The management is also responsible for the training of personnel on site. An additional objective is to create a family atmosphere within the camp, by the provision of a caring service where the reward for AMT is the satisfaction of creating a feeling of well being among the client's field personnel so that they will be able to apply themselves to their tasks to the fullest extent.


AMT attach great importance to the provision of proper Management Supervision at the site from local AMT office to which the contract would be assigned.

The development of accompany depends on the quality of the personnel it employs. AMT its personnel with a training plan established and revised each year which covers technology for restaurant systems, products, dietetics, organization and methods, hygiene, safety management and human and social relationships. This training is given to all categories of personnel.

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Address: 8 Naguib Mahfouz st., Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +202 22723790 +20222712095
Fax: +202 22722784
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