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The success of any project will only be as good as the personnel who are engaged to provide the services. It is for this reason that AMT provides only ideally suited locals from different origins
• Preparation of meals from receipt of supplies to a table presentation is carried out thoroughly professional manner
• Our aim is to provide services to an international standard, regardless of the surrounding in which we are situated
• All food and beverage functions are carried out under the supervision of our highly qualified and experienced managers
• Management will ensure all hygiene and safety procedures are maintained and monitored.
• Food menus presented shall suite all nationalities and are made of the best quality food material.
• Maintain a good reputation and customer satisfaction.
• Recruitment of trained catering personnel.
• On site there will be assigned Management whose main responsibilities are to ensure the daily compliance with all standards of service.

Our Approach

The success of a catering and camp services contract is dependent upon tight control by, on site, management and the maintenance of adequate staffing levels to ensure each department operates at maximum efficiency at all times.

Motivation and proper training are key elements in determining the establishment as productivity and effectiveness is critical factors in the staffing equation. AMT will ensure that employees will receive continuous on the job, training and motivated to perform as a professional and committed team.
Leadership and direction provided by AMT experienced supervisory personnel would ensure the continuous provision of trouble free service.

للانضمام لفريق العمل بالشركة المصرية النمساوية يرجى ارسال السيرة الذاتية على الاميل الخاص بالشركة

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