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AMT has different activities including Export and Import.

Herbs & Spices

AMT is one of the Egyptian’s largest companies specialized in the field of growing, cleaning ,processing and packing medical herbs ,seeds and spices.
Our goal to reach 3000 tons of finished products meets USFDA and ASTA standards.
AMT is proud to take the lead on this issue to ensure the integrity and safety of the herbs industry.
Safe Herbs and Spices are one of the initiatives in our strategic plan and priority for the company.
Herbs have been cultivated from ancient times for medicinal and culinary purposes
And as health and beauty aids today, they play an equally important role in our lives as more and more people are becoming aware of how versatile and beneficial herbs can be.

The increasing interest in using herbs is very much assign of the time since more people are discovering that they are on effective and comparatively expensive from of health care. 

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