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Food Supply & logistics

We will provide cleaning supplies and quality food products from selected brands in the local markets.
The Camp Manager will be responsible to maintain a minimum stock level totaling 10 days of continuous consumption.
So, he will control each delivery according to his orders and check the quality and the storage conditions of the food productions. He will Supervise unload the trucks and transfer the foodstuff in the appropriate storage units.

Every food item should be in its original wrapping with clear appearance of the ultimate date of consumption as must as availability. All dry products should be wrapped in suitable containers; (+3° C); all refrigerated items should be delivered in boxes and kept at a maximum temperature and the frozen at (-18° C). Except the Fresh Whole Meat should be delivered wrapped in Clean and hygienic Gaze tissue.


We will use only top class quality foodstuff available at the local Market using appropriate culinary practices.
We will ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables are used as often as possible and that food is not re-heated and re- served.



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