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Egyptian Austrian Company (AMT) is one of the largest companies in the field of Food Services in Egypt, with a mission to establish a long-term

 relationship with its customers.
AMT has Twelve years experience in the field of food services starting from 1992 with an average sales 300,000 million L.E

With its excellent teamwork specialized in marketing and distribution and with its highly qualified employees AMT is working hard to achieve its mission.


We own large stores in Cairo with the capacity to accommodate up to 320 tons stored materials and they are operated according to the latest methods and the stores contains refrigerated rooms with the capacity to accommodate up to 8 tons of frozen meat, chicken and fish.

Our company has a well-equipped land fleet with modern containers and coolers ready to transport fresh food to different location all over Egypt.

AMT is registered in the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation as food suppliers, food manufacturers and caterers.

AMT has different activities including Export and Import but we specialize in two main branches Food supplying and Catering.


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